Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Spotted: BNI West One London Nutritionists on LBC Radio

Healthy Eating & Nutrition News:

BNI's Tony Bishop-Weston from Foods for Life Health Consultancy was heard on LBC's Nick Farrari show this morning with Annabel Karmel talking about Lewisham Council afront on healthy eating.

A family was threatened with having one of their children put into care and denied legal support for following a diet where they ate fish but avoided meat and dairy.

Bishop-Weston described Lewisham Council's behaviour as 'madness'. The child was subsequently found to have a problem absorbing vitamin D, a diagnosis that was delayed by a bizarre witch hunt for vegans. The irony is the family were not even vegetarians as they ate fish.

He said"Lewisham Council should be embracing a diet that has been shown to be far healthier than average rather than persecuting people for it"

"Research in numerous studies reveals that people who eat the most meat and dairy are at a greater risk of preventable chronic disease hence NHS campaigns to encourage people to eat more fruit and vegetables."

The handful of vitamins and minerals available in meat are easily available in plantfoods without the saturated animal fat that can hinder your absorbtion of essential fats.

London Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston said "Ironically, in our fertility clinics, it's often the meat eaters that are low in things like iron, zinc, vitamin B12, essential fats and key amino acids."

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