Monday, 25 March 2013

Trending: Vegan Diets: Up 40% on Google

UK Vegan Explosion – Vegan diet interest averaging 30-40% points higher on Google in 2013 | PRLog

If your product or service is even remotely a prospective interest to a target audience interested in health, sustainability or ethics such as fair trade and your products is free from (or could be free from) animal derivatives then you should get yourself along to

VegfestUK celebrates  its 10th Anniversary this year and has added an exhibition at Kensington Olympia in London to celebrate. The Vegfest UK festival in Brighton a few weeks ago enjoyed visitor numbers up from 5,000 last year to 7,500 this year. The Vegan Society and Vegetarian Society report similar increases in interest.

Vegan everything - even blue cheese, caviar and smoked salmon

If ever you or your clients ever contemplated taking that little bit of dairy, or egg or gelatine out of your product - that 1% that stops it being vegan, kosher or halal then now is probably the time.

The horsemeat scandal seems to somehow have been a catalyst for a national review on what we eat and why we eat it, maybe it was just that people shied away from beef products until the dust settle and meantime found some of the vegetarian products actually tasted better than cheap processed meat?

Either way there is a vegan revolution boiling over and rising up worldwide and if you have a suitable product you should be showcasing it at Vegfest London. There are still a few exhibitor spaces left ( 10% off if you book by the end of March - so hurry! ) and one or two opportunities to sponsor things like the kids area and the celebrity Vegfest Awards.

Either way there has never been a better time to consider targetting 100% of the market rather than just 60% of it (Vegsoc and World Vegan Day research shows over 40% of the market regularly eat a vegetarian or vegan diet dish and most would prefer to more often if it was better quality and more convenient)

Ikea sells Vegan Caviar , The Redwood Wholefood Company sells fish free Vegan 'smoked salmon' and a delicious creamy vegan blue cheese. Vegusto sells award winning gourmet dairy free swiss cheeses.Vegan ice cream and yoghurts are sold by all supermarkets. Linda McCartney sells vegetarian prawns and innovative vegan food scientists set their sights higher every day.

Twitter Guru Biz Stone is touting a new vegan meat in the USA said to be indistinguisable from chicken and Microsoft legend Bill Gates has been caught on camera saying that he believes a meat free world is no longer a futuristic vegan fantasy.

Hold on to your pig's butt bacon sandwiches boys and girls! Soon it could be bacon made with a soy, quinoa and amaranth meat free substitute!

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